Esoteric Agenda
Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

Physically sick, mentally ill
Your lives in the hands of our government death panel
Without reprieve, we will relieve
Dispose of their lives deliberately

Cease breeding, process of eradication
We must euthanize humanity, preventing numbers overwhelming

Death, eugenics, strictly take effect
Begin mandatory worldwide sterilization
Mass imbalance without enforced abortion law
Our consumption of this planet far exceeds and cannot sustain

We must begin, create the end
Round up and rid of these undesirable men
We must ensure New World Order
All will abide by our morbid agenda

Pharmaceutical pills killing millions as a way to cure
Cancer causing chemicals contaminate the drinking water
Air pollution with particulate proven fatal
Poisonous foods altering the genetic sequence

Burn, destroy, circumvent the constitution
Passing of legislation that will take complete control of people
Disarm, surrender to our courts and military
Your civil rights, property, money, and weapons
Forced internment into secret concentration camps
Deplorable conditions too unfit for a man to survive

Wolves eat the weak, imbecile sheep
We will force them to feed amongst each other
Led by our command
We will demand the public relinquish their freedom

Due to terrorist acts, martial law is declared
We will kill people with their own military
Our industrial complex create a police state
Invincible juggernaut, unstoppable machine
Supremacy abates your strength in numbers
All militias dismantled
Insignificant defense against suppression
Absolute final solution

Privacy directly threatening to national security
Spy drones are monitoring
Fusion centers are wiretapping
Chips implanted are used for tracking
Search and scan your eyes and hands
Your government
No longer will we tolerate your civil disobedience
Technologically advanced with power
Beyond your human comprehension
We shall seek your apprehension

\ Lead these sheep into extinction
Reduce the human numbers
Megalomaniacal madmen
Control your health and welfare
Ecologically reckless
Spill oil in your oceans
Spread infectious diseases
Emaciate your nations
False flag attacks create hatred
We will wage war for profit
Fights divide opposing parties
Igniting worldwide riots
Class warfare and ethnic cleansing
Brought third world poverty
The Pope and President are tyrants
No hope is left for your countries