Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

Criminal filled institutions
Political corruption keeps this broken prison system thriving

Police brutality, persistent harassment, arrest the innocent
The citizens victimized by law enforcement
Falsify reports, conduct illegal searches, probable cause fabricated
All suspects are guilty until proven innocent

Consequently charged, engulfed in their corruption, sitting in a cell
Await your court date, become the center of investigation
Criminal courts, aggressive prosecution
Purposely mislead members of the jury
Witnesses description, your profile fit
Convicted for a crime that you did not commit

Put your hands behind your head
Contain the situation, implement intimidation
On your knees on the count of three
Hit him with the taser and the pepper spray
I want you face down on the ground
Battered with batons, broken bones, badly beaten body
Put your hands behind your back
Feel the bullet blast as a shotgun goes off
Restrain the perpetrators
Detain suspects inside our down town detention center

I saw a man stabbed with a make shift shank
Gangs reign here, guards on the take
Fist fights, drugs, rioting, racial tensions flare
Mafia running streets, calling shots from inside The Department of Corrections

You have the right to remain silent
Handcuffed and shackled, murdered in custody
Anything you say will be held against you
In a court of law that is clearly flawed
You have the right to an attorney
If you can't afford attorneys one will be appointed to you
Inept public pretender
Incompetent defense urges you to take their plea
Prosecution, persecution
Verdict is reached, we the jury find you guilty

As a judge with absolute authority
I find you threatening and hereby sentence you to death
Without parole sent into the penitentiary state prison
Where you will spend the rest of your remaining days awaiting execution

Bailiff, rid of this, court dismissed
Break before another case
District attorney and jury
Congratulation from the State
Justice firmly served, job well done
We nailed his ass to the cross
Judgment, gas chamber, electric chair, lethal injection
Suicide inside a prison cell

Many are the ways, so few are the days, any final words?

Forced interrogation, coercing confession, circumstantial evidence
Tampered, tainted, false imprisonment, wrongfully convict the innocent
Widespread allegations, officer misconduct, abuse of their authority
Crooked, corrupt, in a jail cell where you rot for the rest of your life

Beat into a coma, still on life support
Tonight the cops just shot another unarmed man
They're trafficking narcotics, raping prostitutes
Directly instigating violent gang warfare

Police officers who were sworn to protect and to serve
Violated and raped the system
Breaking the laws that they swore to uphold and enforce
Criminal justice system with mandatory minimums
Maximum security facilities filled
Behind locked bars, beyond close doors on death row

Our court of law is flawed, corruption running rampant
Malignant prison population metastasizes with innocent citizens
Missing is the witness who never made the stand
Try to fight the law, we will kill anyone who threatens to give testimony, dead

Nationwide witch hunt on our citizens, systematic justice served
Millions are arrested and processed, face incarceration
Caught inside the cycle of probation violation
Drug abusers, prostitutes, protestors, recidivists revolving door
Pedophiles and rapists are let loose, while you remain locked inside their institutions

There will be no peace, there will be no justice
Guilty walk free, innocent rot
State refused restitution cost
Denied retrial, years after execution
Another will confess to exonerate
The police chief declines comment
The grand jury will not investigate
Police department corrupt cover up