Idiopathic Pandemic Spreading
Music: McLeod, Crescioni, Perle
Lyrics: Perle

Outbreak of disease
Idiopathic pandemic is spreading
Escaping the quarantine
Now reaching global proportions
All the hospitals are filled
Reporting cases of infection
What they are trying to control
Mankind cannot contain

Slowly decay, diagnosis terminal
Incurable, there is no immunity
Humanity forced to suffer under plague
Idiopathic epidemia is spreading

Uncontrolled condition of deterioration within
Victims feel weakness before digression of functions begins
Symptoms of nausea, profusely vomiting your insides out
Respiratory failure from coughing until your lungs collapse
Spasms, seizures, and neurological convulsions contort
Clotting, rotting, feeling tissue and fibers starting to tear
Intestinal blockage, stomach will no longer emulsify
Health organizations warning all to prepare to die…

Mass hysteric, public panic, illness fatal
Idiopathic pandemic contagious to all
Cannot escape an influenza fate that awaits
Pathogenic airborne virus depopulates

Littering the city streets
See cadavers decomposing
Biohazardous remains
To be handled with precaution
The priests read the rites
Mortuaries burn the bodies
Laboratories try to hide
Experiments and government lies

Six billion dead, sickness overwhelming man
There is no cure, death toll immeasurable
Humanity forced to suffer under plague
Idiopathic epidemia is spreading

Exterminate, helpless
Human race, hopeless
Rioting, looting
Remainents, ruin
Struggle to survive
No one left alive
Idiopathic pandemic spreading