Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

A veil of secrecy, swearing oath, vow of silence
Fraternal brethren destined to for a new world order
Secret societies infiltrate infrastructures
Our inner circle now lies inside the house of power
Illuminati, hidden hand, ancient legends
Throughout the centuries chosen to rule the human race

Beware the wrath of the all seeing eye
Be forewarned of their deadly intentions
For they have conquered all seven mountains
Behind their lies is an ancient curtain
Covering their shadow government
Ruling people through use of deception
Politically, religiously

World leaders, descendants of ancient covenant
Of one mind, seven kings, seven heads, serpent of omnipotence
Prophecy, seven pillars, seven seas, seven families
Scarlet whore, harlot Babylon give birth to me

In the time of their lord forthcoming
He will bring all life to cessation
And population to five hundred million
Unite the world under one language
Destroy the temples, churches, and synagogues
Begin a new universal religion
The iron rod will be your god

Babylon, city which reigns over kings of the earth
Scarlet whore, women of the seven seas, statue of liberty
Empire, bloodline to the eye of Horus

We are the CIA, we are assassination, we are responsible for Lincoln and the Kennedy's
We are United Nations, we are the Skull and Bones, we are the holocaust and Manifest Destiny
We are the Catholic church, we are the crusades, we are the civil wars, all of global slavery
We are the terrorists, we are the 9/11, we are the inside all invisible hand

One world, one order, one eye, one vision
One man, one mind, one god, one bloodline
Invade, enslave, our way, obey, a dawn, a new day


See all, know all, join us
You must bow before the ancient fallen star