Mystery, Babylon The Great, Mother Of All Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth
Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

The time is right, the earth is ripe, thy vine of life to reap
We angels drive the scythe into still beating hearts of sheep
Extract the womb of Mother Earth as she cries out in pain
Child of the lord, his lamb of innocence is slain
Mother of exiles, Babylon we know your name
No longer is the mystery, now bow your head in shame
Beacon that illuminates no longer burns with light
Her filthy cup of fornication overfloweth blood of life
Horsemen ride the burning winds through darkness and decay
Slaughter every human being, tear this sphere from all four corners
Reign over decaying nations, Babylon is she
Who sitteth upon many waters, Babylon are we

Kings have come to conquer and desire your demise
Warfare that stripped the earth of peace led to genocide
Collapsing world economy with weight to brake a scale
Death and hell for all to pay come from a horse so pale
Dragon now devours Harlot’s Son of Perdition
The Beast will be empowered, judgment for all her abominations
Within her inhabitants are souls unclean and foul
Utterly she’ll be burned by fire, hear her families weep and wailing

His tail drew a third of the stars from the sky
What was, yet is not, yet is this Beast
Woe unto those who receiveth his mark
Worship his image and indulge in his indignation

Woe unto the living, foolish men, heed these words
I am here imperial, under my rule this world will crumble
You will soon rebuke thee as you’re gnawing out your tongues
Eclipse the sun with darkness, in apocalyptic death, you perish

World now in peril left naked and plagued
Her waters now wormwood, her rivers now blood
No more are her grains for they no longer grow
No more is the earth with her heavens left burning