New American Century
Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

Where was God and government when Satan had his reign?
Masterminds silently observing an orchestrated destruction
Where were you the day the trade centers fell?
Helplessly, the world witnesses the attack on us graphically

Diabolically deranged, ideologically insane
Extreme Islamic terrorists, brainwashed
Bred as martyrs from their birth for warfare

Radicals covert the youth
Fanatical in holy faith
Premeditate and orchestrate
Carry out their act of hate
Prevail against their infidels
Twin towers fall, once tall are dead and gone
The pentagon was not impenetrable

Where was your all loving god when Satan had his reign?
Casting wrath upon thee
Where was your all loving Christ when Allah was to blame?
Casting wrath upon thee
Where was military when terrorists declared war?
Witnessing their failure
Where was government when the world watched in horror?
Witnessing their failure

Foreign enemies brought our nation to its knees
Radical jihadist plot to implement their terror
Target from the air, carnage everywhere
Too unsafe for firefighters who brave uncertainty
Sent into the burning buildings to save those helpless souls
Will it be too late? Pray they can escape before the building collapses

(Repeat chorus)

Stench of burning death, smoke and fire fills the air
Every exit blocked, flesh and bodies everywhere
People trapped inside, many left to die
Left to burn alive, there is simply no escape
Staircase was their fate, dead lie trampled in the way
Commit suicide, taking of their lives, falling from the sky

Men, women, and children killed
Crushed from the collapsing buildings
Suffocate on the toxic fumes
Entombed in the tower's carcass
Sifting through its twisted wreckage
Shattered lives lie dead in its ashes
Madison Square make-shift morgue
Body bags, toe tags identify the dead