Music & Lyrics by Reciprocal

Anointed Evil, Catholic Pope
Preaching upon his pulpit, controlling puppets
Billions have followed the left hand path that leads directly to the Vatican doorstep

We hail unto Legatus, we hail the Priory iof Sion , we hail Illuminati
we hail our hierarchy without boundaries, surrounded in controversy, protected by our right to sovereignty

Face inquisition from our Diocese, accused of heresy, still burned at the stake
The old tradition, we must keep hidden, avoid the public scrutiny in order to maintain our control
We altered the doctrines of the world for ye hypocrite Christian idolators

Flavius Constantius made your modern day Jesus, Set and Pan make Satan
Designing your religion with pagan rituals, Egyptian imagery, mixed with Grecian influences
Our Luciferian highest Masonic order, kneel and kiss the ring of the serpent
This book of sorcery, a fallacy believed, these biblical scriptures were tainted with satanic rites

Prayer is merely a magical spell, oblivious in your participance
Our practice in drinking of his blood, consuming the broken bread of his flesh

His crown of thorns, Holy trinity, concealed symbolically the all seeing eye
Like witches in coven wearing robes representing two thousand years of our black mass

We hail unto Lucifer, we hail unto thee Apollyon
We hail unto Abaddon, we hail this demon as our holy deity
We hail you Satan and secretly give all our glory unto thee

Underneath the undercrofts, bodies of murdered children
Gardens of slaughter, skeletons
Sacrificial ritual, give worship unto Molech
Praise to the underworld, burn of the offering

To be cleansed of your sin requires your confession, To receive his blessings you come before the father
You will beg at his feet and ask for your forgiveness, on your knees with rosary beads, absolution is passed upon the holy altar

Demons are in congregation, you are forced to partake in oral copulation
You are stripped naked and raped repeatedly, penetrate innocence before insemination
Do not dare speak of this evil, remembrance throughout youth living life in silence
Children are reported missing, nomadic priest disappears

Filthy priest, pedophile, predators that will defile, prey upon the purest child
Children endure discipline, torture, and humility inflicted by the sisterhood
Controversial practices, unaccountability for inhumane abuse
Scandal runs around the world despite the weight of evidence from victims and their witnesses

Murder and molestation blessed by ordained perversion, lewd and lascivious
We condone the practices in which this church has been accused of, virgin children to our oblation
The secrets we keep hidden define this false religion, never to be exposed
Like we killed the heretics and like we killed John Paul the First, we kill those who oppose Opus Dei

Untold truth of crucifixion, Christ was never resurrected
Magdalene had his three children, Templars guarding this knowledge