Voice of Evil
Music: McLeod
Lyrics: Perle

Reoccurring visions of me stabbing my entire family
Arranging bodies in their own blood
Following commands from the angels that demanded that they die
I set my family on fire

Of what defines demonic possession
I was told to obey the voice of evil

This is psychology a feeble mind does not understand
Schizophrenia twisting my reality
Brain abnormalities cause our cognitive deficiencies
Or could it be that we are influenced by the voices of the ancient entities?

Schizophrenic violent phase, psychotic with mental flashes
Relapse into delusional states, persisting continuously
Vivid hallucinations, thoughts entranced with horrid visions
Paranoid insanity, driven by voices inside my mind

Devils, demons, evil
Found paths to this dimension
Channeled, conjured, possessed
By disembodied dead
Vulgar, outburst, obscene
Message is sacrilegious
Language unknown, unheard
Words translate ancient tongues

Unexplainable by study of scientific means
Paranormal existence to experience clairvoyance
My perception is extra sensory, telepathically
Parapsychology, seeing visions past and future
Demonic spirits, majestic angels who hath summon thee
Disembodied souls that discarnated in after-death
Shape shifting human showing hideous face deformity
Whispering secretly, they are going to kill me

Shadows of spiritual realms
Demons are taking control
Evil spirits possess thy weak soul
Angel manifestation
Ancient apparition
Serpent malevolent is haunting me

I will never find a true deliverance from voices in my mind, driving me to suicide
Suspended state of levitation, breathing reaching full cessation. My soul is under their control
Sensations physically of feeling wings ripping from my back and flying to the angels call
strally projecting into heavenly ascension. Never did I see in dreaming death below the window
Leaping from the ledge to angels in the light…