Hadalpelagic Worms
Music: Crescioni
Lyrics: Crescioni

Thriving vigorously from forbidden depths
Lie invertebrate in malevolent cogitation
Adapting from birth to inconceivable force

Black waters serve as the cradle
In bottomless trenches and canyons

Hatched cells, larvae feed
Eggs laid randomly
Panmictic mating populates the caves
The light will never penetrate
Transformation in the dark
Heinous brains with one vision
Exterminate all useless, worthless flesh
With no mercy, the infestation begins

Twelve feet long with magnificent strength
Devouring foraminifera to endure being
Evolving from minuscule to behemoth
From the feast following the onslaught

They will rise, the proboscis
To lead our demise, eversible
Mouthparts of the bristle worm
Grow to abnormal size
Viscous lives, glutinous
In darkness, forever deprived
Determination to rule the earth will strain
The continents to divide

Cracked eggs, larvae feed
Worms are spawning rapidly
Panmixia breeding dominates the sea
Savage clones of hatred
Their mutation of formation
Grasps into the humans
Entrails exploding out the ends in sporadic spurts
Post-mortal spasms occur

Arising from the oceanic currents
The flood begins to swell
Surging species, never known to exist
Begin to take control
Sludging, gunking, oozing mucus sweeps
Across the Surface

Worms will colonize, eunice
Worms are spreading their hives, the polychaetes
Worms will leave none alive, aphroditois
Worms have taken our lives
Everyone dies…

Devastation, alteration, cataclysmic revolution
Catastrophic transformation

Hadalpelagic Worms